Occupational COVID-19

Failure to consider, recognise, and appraise clinically occupational exposures as potential causes of almost any pattern of lung disease are common training and professional deficiencies among pulmonary clinicians worldwide.


  • Introduction by the Chair, Sara De Matteis – 2 minutes
  • Occupational COVID-19: epidemiology and clinical presentation – Rafael E. de la Hoz – 20 minutes
    Objectives: describe the epidemiology of occupational COVID-19, and its closely related social determinants
  • Occupational COVID-19:  from exposure to prevention – Kevin Fennelly – 20 minutes
    Objectives: describe the science behind occupational transmission of respiratory pathogens, and consider the hierarchy of exposure controls to prevent future similar episodes
  • Q&A – 15 minutes
  • Take home messages and closing – 3 minutes