Multi-source feedback

05 Oct, 2022

Multi-source feedback - hero image

Multi-source feedback (MSF) is a way of getting ratings from colleagues, both senior and junior, medical and non-medical, on the strengths and weaknesses of the trainee being evaluated. It should highlight what they do well, and what could be improved. It is particular good at identifying problems in behavioural and attitudinal problems that may not be recognised by other methods. It is a formative assessment, NOT a summative one; it seeks to identify problems that need to be addressed, and to reinforce good professional behaviours. It has the advantage of providing a firm evidential base for any identified problems, rather than relying on gossip with colleagues.

Educational aims

  • Understand the usefulness and limitations of MSF
  • Interpret the MSF report with insight
  • Conduct an effective debrief with the trainee
  • Understand how to help the trainee construct a personal development plan


  • Workplace-based assessment in general and MSF in particular
  • Why MSF is a useful tool
  • How to read and interpret the ERS MSF report
  • Debriefing and giving feedback
  • Personal development plans and their role in training

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