Panel discussion: Lung function in epidemiological studies from infancy to childhood with focus on urban environment

13 Feb, 2023

18:00–19:00 CET

Chairs: Dr. Myrofora Goutaki (Bern, Switzerland), Dr. Maribel Casas (Barcelona, Spain)
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Philipp Latzin (Bern, Switzerland), Dr. Fabienne Decrue (Basel, Switzerland), Dr. Elaine Fuertes (London, United Kingdom), Dr. Alicia Abellan (Barcelona, Spain)

This webinar will provide an update on current literature on the topic and will discuss first-hand experiences from utilising spirometry and infant lung function measurements in cohort studies. It is linked to the topic of “Determinants of lung function trajectories from infancy to adulthood”, which was one of the topics identified as main priorities for the next ERS Congress by the members of Assembly 7.

Educational aims

  • To give an overview of how environmental factors including air pollution and residential green space may affect lung function throughout childhood
  • To highlight the value of lung function measurements, including infant lung function, in epidemiological research
  • To discuss experiences and practical knowledge of researchers, including ECMs, from epidemiological studies that utilise lung function as an outcome measure


  • Measuring infant lung function in research (Philipp Latzin)
  • Infant lung function in epidemiological research- the impact of air pollution (Fabienne Decrue)
  • The impact of greenspaces on lung function throughout childhood (Elaine Fuertes)
  • Spirometry as an outcome measure in epidemiological studies- experiences of an ECM (Alicia Abellan)