International Respiratory Coalition (IRC) Summit

Paris, France

International Respiratory Coalition (IRC) Summit - hero image

The first IRC Summit ‘Transforming respiratory medicine in the post pandemic world’ took place on 28–29 June, 2022.

Hosted by the European Respiratory Society in collaboration with IRC partners, this was a flagship event for the Coalition as it aims to support the creation of ambitious national-level respiratory strategies based on best practices and promote building resilience in managing pandemics.

Day one of the summit was held online and open for general registration, and day two was a closed event for invited guests.

Note: You can now access the post-Summit IRC statement to find out about the next steps and learn more about options to get involved in this important initiative.

Session 1: Scene setting

Duration: 54:58

Speakers: Marc Humbert, Helen Parks, Pablo Panella, Giovanna Usvardi.



Session 2 : Impact of COVID on respiratory medicine

Duration: 93:50

Speaker: Richard Costello, MeiLan K. Han, Isabel Saraiva, James Chalmers, Greg Downey.


Session 3: Post-pandemic progress

Duration: 52:05

Speakers: Guy Joos, Anne-Sophie Lapointe, Fabrice Barlesi, Dimitris Kontopidis.


Session 4: Close of the day

Duration: 2:04

Speaker: Marc Humbert.