ERS Satellites 2022

ERS Satellites 2022 - hero image

The fifth edition of the award-winning ERS Satellites, which took place online on 24 February 2022, focused on four hot topics of asthma, environment and climate change, ILD and COPD. Each topic covered the following areas:

  • Disease mechanisms & understanding
  • State of the art (recent literature) & treatment approaches
  • Application of current knowledge & clinical perspective with cases
  • Horizon scanning and next steps

Chairs: Chris Brightling and Richard Costello, joined by chairpersons from our supporting national societies.


ERS Satellites 2022: Highlights

Duration: 3:28


Part 1: Asthma

Duration: 120:00

Speakers: David J Jackson, Renaud Lewis, Ayşe Arzu Yorgancıoğlu, Vanessa M. McDonald.


Part 2: Environment and climate change

Duration: 120:00

Speakers: Jouni J.K. Jaakkola, Anna Hansell, Toby Hillman, Zorana Andersen.


Part 3: ILD

Duration: 120:00

Speakers: Raphaël Borie, Katerina Antoniou, Naftali Kaminski, Rachel Putman.


Part 4: COPD

Duration: 120:00

Speakers: Thomas Wilkinson, MeiLan K. Han, Frits M.E. Franssen, Erik Melén.