Panel discussion: Improving the pathway of lung cancer patients, can we do it better?

Note: This webinar has been produced by the ERS Group 9.03: Nurses, with support from ERS Assembly 11: Thoracic oncology and the European Lung Foundation.

Educational aims

Discussion will take place about importance of diagnostic and show recent improvements in targeted therapies in lung cancer patients.

The goal of this webinar is to get acquainted with molecular testing in diagnostic procedure in lung cancer patients.

This webinar will emphasize proper sample collecting and deliver to the laboratory.

Participants will base on the acquired knowledge that proper sampling in diagnostic procedure in lung cancer patients gets shorter and efficient.


  • Panel discussion
  • Lectures will be provided with examples and new studies in this field
  • Case presentations from clinical field
  • Quizzes, multiple choice questions
  • Patient’s experience: results from on-line survey


  • Novelties in target therapies
  • Multidisciplinary approach integrated in diagnostic pathway
  • Histology Sample Preparation
  • Value of diagnostic methods in lung cancer
  • Patient’s experience on oncological pathway

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