Immunotherapy in severe asthma

05 Oct, 2021

Immunotherapy in severe asthma - hero image

Severe asthma represents a burden for both patients and society. Modulation of the underlying inflammation has been the basis of the treatment, becoming much more efficient in the biologics era, introducing precision medicine. However, representing the complexity of underlying immunopathology, we have an increasing number of immunomodulators, from inhaled corticosteroid use and allergen immunotherapy to biologics and macrolides, with many more on their way. It is becoming challenging for fellow physicians to recognise the right endotype and choose the most appropriate immunomodulatory treatment. The challenge is further increasing for fellow physicians who have difficulties referring to a specialist severe asthma clinic.


  • Introduction by the Chairs – Apostolos Bossios (Stockholm, Sweden), Lena Uller (Lund, Sweden) – 2 minutes
  • Immunopathology overview of severe asthma – Marco Idzko (Wien, Austria) – 15 minutes
  • Allergen immunotherapy in patients with severe asthma, where to consider it? –  Walter Canonica (Milan, Italy) – 15 minutes
  • Choosing and monitoring the right immunomodulatory therapy for asthma – Celeste Porsbjerg (Copenhagen, Denmark) – 15 minutes
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

Learning outcomes

Following the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and identify the correct phenotype and the linked endotype in patients with severe asthma.
  • Choose and monitor the most appropriate immunomodulatory treatment for their patients.

Treatments that will be discussed are allergen immunotherapy, biologics, and other immune modulators as macrolides. Finally, strategies at follow up treatment and monitor its effects will be also reviewed.