ERS General Assembly 2020: Join us and have your say on your society

29 June, 2020

The ERS leadership is pleased to announced that the 2020 ERS General Assembly meeting will take place as an online meeting on Thursday 10 September, 2020 at 10:00–12:00 CEST.

All ERS members are invited and encouraged to attend to learn about ERS developments from the past twelve months, as well as to take the opportunity to voice any queries, concerns and share any ideas for the Society moving forwards.

The General Assembly is the body responsible for adapting the statutes of the Society, deciding the annual membership fees, putting forward proposals to the Executive Committee, and reviewing and approving the accounts.

Following on from last year, all members of the senior leadership of ERS are elected by the General Assembly. The ERS leadership elections are currently open and will close on 23 August, 2020. The results will be announced during the meeting and attendees will be the first to know who is appointed as the next ERS Vice President.

Join us online for the ERS General Assembly meeting, taking place on Thursday 10 September, 2020 at 10:00–12:00 CEST. Details on how to join the meeting will be shared in due course.