COVID-19 surveys

Access and contribute to ongoing COVID-19 surveys that are led or endorsed by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Assemblies.

Your responses will help to advance understanding of COVID-19 across respiratory specialities, contributing to better patient care and knowledge sharing across Europe.
Specialist areaSurvey details
NeurologyThe European Academy of Neurology (EAN) is conducting a survey to try and better understand the neurological manifestations of COVID-19 disease, which may differ between countries. This will be important to guide management and service reorganisation across Europe for patients.
Complete the survey on neurological symptoms in COVID-19 patients
Multidisciplinary, early career professionalsThe ERS Early Career Members Committee (ECM) has prepared a survey to gain a better understanding of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the work and training of early career professionals (aged 40 and under).
The ECM asks ERS members aged 40 and below to complete the survey, as the results will help ERS to tailor activities to your needs. Select the survey matching your professional area / profile:
○ Allied health professional (physiotherapist, nurse, speech and language specialist, lung function technologist, dietitian, psychologist)
○ Medical student
○ Registrar / resident / junior doctor
○ Physician (fellow / consultant)
○ Medical student / registrar / doctor who is completing research
○ Full-time researcher
○ Other specialism
Thoracic oncology (Assembly 11)TERAVOLT: COVID-19 in lung cancer patients. Contact Dr Torsten Blum to enquire or contribute to this survey.
PHCARE-COVID Patient SurveyThe survey is a common initiative of PHA Europe, ERN-Lung, ERS Assembly 13 on Pulmonary Vascular Diseases, ERS Clinical Research Collaboration PHAROS, and ESC WG on Pulmonary Circulation & Right Ventricular Function. It is open to anyone from any country in the world who is living with PH, as well their family members and caregivers. The survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete and closes on 21 June 2020. Access the survey
Psychological Distress and Resilience during COVID-19We are conducting a research study on the Perceived Psychological Distress caused by COVID-19 OUTBREAK and resilience in healthcare professionals. Take the survey before June 15, 2020.

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