Rehabilitation with COVID-19: Italian guidance

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Blog Author(s): Enrico Clini, Fellow of ERS (Italy) / 30 March, 2020

Document: Joint statement on the role of respiratory rehabilitation in the COVID-19 crisis: the Italian position paper

Authors / contributors: This document was shared upon recommendation of Dr Enrico Clini, Dr Michele Vitacca, Dr Mauro Carone and Ms Mara Paneroni, frontline workers in Italy.

Description: This document summarises the available evidence for the type of rehabilitation efforts to be undertaken in patients with very severe and severe COVID-19 as well as in patients who are recovering and stable, but who are still contagious and in a later phase of disease. It also provides insight into the organisation of rehabilitation for these patients.

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Prof. Thierry Troosters, ERS President, thanks the authors, the Italian Respiratory Societies and all other Italian colleagues for sharing their experiences so rapidly to the benefit of the whole respiratory community.

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