Mechanistic overlap between chronic lung injury and cancer

15th Lung Science Conference

Organisers : Rachel Chambers (ERS Conferences and Seminars Director), Adam Giangreco (LSC 2017 Programme Coordinator), Reinoud Gosens (LSC 2017 Programme Coordinator), Erik Sahai (LSC 2017 Programme Coordinator)
Organising Committee : Ian Adcock, Nicolino Ambrosini, Bruno Crestani, Felix Herth, Pieter Hiemstra, Marc Humbert, Christian Kaehler, Nicolas Kahn, Melanie Königshoff, Jean-Michel Sallenave, Craig Wheelock

The Lung Science Conference is at the forefront of basic and translational respiratory science and it is an essential event for budding respiratory researchers looking to boost their career. It offers a unique opportunity to network with peers from across the globe and it will feature cutting-edge abstracts on novel experimental lung research.


Registration for the Lung Science Conference 2017 is open. Do not miss the opportunity to attend!

We are now accepting group registrations from industry (research and development, or clinical). A maximum of five people can register per group. To register a group, please complete this form and return it to .

Special features of the ERS Lung Science Conferences

LSC Awards

3 competitions are organised throughout the Conference:

  • The Young Investigator Session Award: for young presenters (35 years old or less at the time of the Conference) who submitted an outstanding abstract
  • The Best Oral Presentation Award
  • Distinguished Poster Awards

Mentorship programme

Each abstract author who receives a bursary is appointed a mentor. Together, they can discuss both scientific and career questions during a dedicated mentorship lunch on the first day of the Conference.

Early Career session

A special session for the LSC Early Career delegates is organised every year, for the Saturday afternoon of the Conference.