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Respiratory infections have long been an important aspect of the respiratory field. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this more than ever, by emphasising the urgent need for public health preparedness for infectious disease outbreaks and the importance of continued research into prevention, detection and treatment of respiratory infections.

The virtual ERS International Congress programme includes a dedicated respiratory infection track that has been developed by experts in the field. The track includes a variety of activities for health professionals who are involved in the management of pulmonary and respiratory infections and for researchers with an interest in this disease area.

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We spoke to ERS officers who specialise in respiratory infections to find out what you can expect from the virtual congress and which programme highlights you should not miss. See what they told us:

Raquel Duarte

Raquel Duarte – Secretary

Q: What do you think will be the popular topics in the respiratory infections field at this year’s Congress, and what will be a highlight for you?

A: All the sessions are important, but I would recommend the state of the art session ‘Respiratory infections‘ (Sunday 5 September, 14:4516:15 CEST), the joint session ‘Vaccination and infections‘ (Sunday 5 September, 09:3011:00 CEST), and the session ‘ERS Clinical practice guidelines for managing children and adolescents with bronchiectasis‘ (Sunday 5 September, 11:1511:55). Make sure not to miss the hot topic session ‘Digital innovations in tuberculosis and implementation research in the era of COVID-19: collaborative activities between the WHO and ERS‘ (Monday 6 September, 14:45–16:15 CEST).

Cristina Calarasu

Cristina Calarasu – Early-career representative

Q: The Congress theme is digital health. Why is this area important for respiratory infections specialists?

A: Health professionals and patients worldwide used telemedicine and health monitoring devices, especially so in the last two years when the interest in Respiratory infections has grown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is well reflected in the ERS Congress programme topics this year. I consider that digital health has become a part of our lives and as professionals, we must update our digital skills by attending this Congress.

Q: What does Congress offer to early career professionals who specialise in respiratory infections?

A: The ERS International Congress is an opportunity to connect with professionals from all around the world, especially those working in the same area of interest. Sessions relating to respiratory infections are always of great interest to both senior and junior delegates. The interest in respiratory infections has grown in the last two years, due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 Congress will still give us the chance to connect with our colleagues during the assembly meetings and networking events. Please attend, ask questions, and let us know you and your needs as a member of this assembly. Also, make sure to visit the ECM’s booth in the World Village to find out more about how you can contribute to ERS as an ECM. See you all online in September!

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