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Scientific and clinical research are central to driving advancements in respiratory medicine and are vital to the development of new methods and technologies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

Scientists and researchers progress our understanding of various mechanisms involved in lung biology, including lung development and lung pathophysiology, the cell and molecular biology of the respiratory tract in health, disease and development, and the basis of injury to the lungs and new approaches to treatment for lung injury.

This year’s virtual ERS Congress has a strong scientific and clinical research led programme, featuring a variety of activities that will deliver the latest updates in respiratory medicine.

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Q: What makes the ERS Congress unique for scientists and clinical researchers?

A: This year’s virtual Congress is a great opportunity for scientists and clinical researchers to learn about the latest developments in basic and translational respiratory science. Cutting edge research on disease mechanisms and exciting advances on emerging therapies will be presented, along with the newest information available on COVID-19.

Q: What can scientists and clinical researchers expect to gain from taking part in this year’s Congress?

A: Themed sessions on topics selected by ERS members will be presented by leaders in the field across four days. Poster and oral sessions will present the newest findings in basic and translational lung science, whilst the symposia, hot topics and year in review sessions are ideal for updating and refreshing specialist and general knowledge.

Q: In your opinion, what will be the popular topics for scientists and clinical researchers at this year’s Congress, and what will be a particular highlight for you?

A: I am particularly looking forward to this year’s ‘Scientific year in review’, available to view from 23 August, which will focus on four of the major scientific highlights of the past 12 months and will cover CRISPR/Cas9, COVID-19 diagnosis, mRNA vaccines, and digital health. Other highlights include the Hot Topic on ‘Viral infections trigger chronic lung damage and disease’ (Wednesday 8 September, 09:30–11:00 CEST), the lung science session on ‘Repair and regeneration in chronic lung disease and lung cancer’ (Sunday 5 September, 09:30–11:00 CEST) and two scientific symposia focusing on ‘Innate immunity and lung epithelium repair’ (Sunday 6 September, 11:15–12:45) and ‘Emerging imaging biomarkers in lung disease’ (Tuesday 7 September, 14:45–16:15). The oral and poster presentation sessions organised by Assembly 3 will present the most exciting new developments in lung biology submitted as abstracts by our members.

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