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Nurses and respiratory specialist nurses are a key part of the allied respiratory professional community, and they are involved in almost all care programmes for patients with respiratory diseases.

Respiratory nurses have an important role in patient education, the enhancement of patient self-management and the management of care. An increasingly important element of the respiratory nurse’s role is to act as a clinical study nurse and coordinator, which is of vital importance to nursing research and facilitating clinical research.

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Q: What makes the ERS Congress unique for respiratory nurses?

A: The ERS Congress offers nurses the opportunity to share their research and experience, and to connect, which opens up the possibility for further joint work. It is an excellent example of how respiratory nurses from all fields, from academia to clinical practice, can share their ideas and cooperate.

I would like to take this opportunity to give my gratitude to all nurses around the world who have been on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank all of you for your sacrifice, hard work and effort in keeping healthcare systems sustainable in these difficult and challenging times. Be proud and keep safe!

Q: What can nurses expect to gain from taking part in this year’s Congress?

A: Amazing opportunities are offered, especially to early career members at the beginning of their professional careers. A particular highlight for Nurses Group 9.3 will be the Oral presentation, ´Nursing perspective during COVID-19 pandemic´ (Monday 6 September, 09:30–11:00). Other sessions to look out for include pre-Congress content, such as the expert view session, ´Hospital at home for the management of COVID-19´, which includes an exciting presentation by Carme Hernandez Carcereny, and the E-poster session ‘Innovations in nurse-led interventions in respiratory diseases´, available to view from 23 August.

Q: In your opinion, what will be the popular topics for nurses during this year’s Congress, and what will be a particular highlight for you?

A: Highly recommended sessions are the Symposium, ´Digital transformation in practice: enabling next-generation medicine´ (Monday 6 September, 11:15–12:45 CEST), which includes the presentation, ‘The Catalan open innovation hub on ICT-supported integrated care services´ by Carme Hernandez Carcereny; the Symposium ´Precision medicine in asthma and COPD´ (Monday 6 September, 14:45–16:15 CEST), which includes the presentation ´Multidisciplinary teamwork and care pathways for managing the eosinophilic burden in airway diseases, from asthma to COPD and chronic cough´ by Vanessa M. McDonald; and the Symposium ´Holistic care in interstitial lung disease: monitoring the patient’s pathway´ (Sunday 5 September, 09:30–11:00 CEST), which includes the presentation ´Patient-centred medicine in ILDs: towards a holistic approach´ by Anne-Marie Russell.

Other sessions recommended for nurses are the Symposium ´Sarcopenia in chronic respiratory disease: new definitions, assessment and treatment options´ (Monday 6 September, 11:15–12:45 CEST); the Symposium ´Maintenance of the beneficial effects of pulmonary rehabilitation: the role of digital health´ (Thursday 7 September, 11:15–12:45 CEST) and the Symposium ´Digital health in respiratory medicine: opportunities for everyone´ (Sunday 5 September, 14:45–16:15 CEST).

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