Interstitial lung diseases

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Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is the umbrella term for more than 300 different conditions associated with widespread inflammation and/or fibrosis of the alveolar walls. Many ILDs are rare and can be difficult to treat, so it is essential that the medical community continues to conduct research in this disease area to improve patient quality of life and treatment outcomes.

The ERS International Congress programme includes a dedicated track with a variety of sessions and activities for health professionals involved in the treatment and management of ILD and for those with research interests in this disease area.

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Interstitial lung disease

We spoke to ERS officers who specialise in this disease area to find out what you can expect from the hybrid Congress and which programme highlights should not be missed. See what they told us:


Michael Kreuter – Secretary

Q: What do you think will be the popular topics in the ILD field at this year’s Congress, and what will be a particular highlight for you?

A: There are many important topics to be discussed at this years ERS International Congress. One of the highlights will be the updated guideline on IPF/ new for PPF and the statement on CPFE. The community has debated both topics, PPF and CPFE, for a long time and both statements will help to move the field forward. Another important topic will be the discussion on sarcoidosis and highlights on ILD, e.g. new insights into acute exacerbations of fibrosing ILDs – still a field of many unknowns and uncertainties. The thing I am most looking forward to is the discussion during the oral and the poster sessions on new data in our field directly with the presenters – something we have been missing for 2.5 years.


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Karen Moor – Early-career representative

Q: What does congress offer to early career professionals who specialise in ILD?

A: The ERS International Congress 2022 offers many possibilities for early career professionals specialising in ILD. First of all, I would like to encourage everyone to join the scientific poster and oral presentation sessions. After two online conferences I am looking forward to inspiring discussions with young scientists presenting their work onsite, and to meet other early career professionals with an interest in ILD. Moreover, the programme includes a state-of-the art session on trends and controversies in ILD, guideline update sessions (IPF diagnosis and management, transbronchial (cryo)biopsy and surgical lung biopsy in ILD), and many interesting symposia. The symposia focus on non-pharmacological treatment of fibrosing ILD, the patient journey in CTD-ILD, and management of complicated sarcoidosis. I would also recommend the “general” sessions for early career professionals, such as the mini symposium on steps for a successful career in respiratory research.

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