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As Education Council Chair, what are you most looking forward to about this year’s congress?

I am really looking forward to seeing old friends and interacting with colleagues, as for all of us it is the first time in some years. Given that we are now facing new challenges, the Presidential awards will be very interesting.

Tell us your top three picks from the congress programme.

The three sessions I am really looking forward to are:

1. Translational research in sleep apnoea: from the molecule and the signal to the clinic. (14:15–15:30 CEST, 6 September)

2. Symposium on the many faces of central sleep apnoea and hypoventilation syndromes. (11:15–12:45 CEST, 6 September)

3. Innovations in non-invasive respiratory support. (14:15–15:30 CEST, 5 September)

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