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As ERS Vice-President, what are you most looking forward to about this year’s congress?

The opportunity to meet colleagues again face-to-face, enjoy the atmosphere of the congress, share the experiences of the time of the COVID pandemic and discuss/develop strategies for improving respiratory health in the future.

What in your opinion will be the hot topics for paediatric specialists?

There will be a skills course on paediatric lung function testing offering hands-on teaching of one of the essential tools in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine and meeting the experts – for beginners and as a refresher; accompanied by a symposium on lung function testing through paediatric age groups – for beginners and experts, to remain up to date. Prevention of respiratory diseases with a symposium on prevention of preschool wheeze and asthma – the most common chronic disease in childhood, highly relevant in clinical care, with continuous advances in understanding pathophysiology and treatment strategies; do not miss oral presentation sessions  organized by assembly 7 to present current research in the field. I would also like to encourage young colleagues in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine to participate in the Early Career Members’ symposium on Steps for a successful career in respiratory medicine.

Tell us your top three picks from the congress programme.

In addition to the above, I am looking forward to symposia on:

1. Paediatric Respiratory Diseases, State of the Art (11:15–12:45 CEST on 6 September)

2. Lungs on Fire (entertaining case-based discussion of “Paediatric Respiratory pearls”) (09:30–11:00 CEST on 6 September)

3. Moving to Prevention of Preschool Wheeze and Asthma – almost there? (Symposium) (09:30–11:00 on 4 September) 


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