Walther Guerrero Ciquero TB Fellowship

For research projects in the field of tuberculosis: ERS Fellowship in tribute to the life and work of  Dr. Walther Guerrero Ciquero

The  ERS offers one Short-Term Fellowship per year to support the training and education of research techniques of young doctors in the field of TB. This Fellowship honours the memory of Dr. Walther Guerrero Ciquero who died 15 April 2010 while on duty in Djibouti for Médecins Sans Frontières. He used his experience and knowledge of TB to benefit patients in MSF projects in Kenya, Abkhazia, Aremenia and Georgia. The ERS President’s Award 2010 was presented posthumously to Dr. Walther Guerrero Ciquero, movingly described by ERS Past-President, Prof. Siafakas, as “in every way, the perfect example of the altruistic doctor of today with the highest humanistic values.


Note: Read the Application Guidelines 2016 carefully before applying.

Who can apply?

Applicants from low income countries (World Bank list), or based in a country in Europe with gaps and needs in respiratory medicine/science, going to Europe. The project should be in the field of tuberculosis and carried on in the spirit of Dr. Walther Guerrero Ciquero's work.

Further Information

The duration is 1 to 3 months (may not be reduced nor split) in a foreign country in Europe. Approximately nine applications are selected annually. Candidates can expect a funding decision within 4 months of the application submission deadline.