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Clinical Research Collaboration


teamworkThe European Respiratory Society (ERS) contributes to the coordination of activities in respiratory medicine across Europe, by encouraging new initiatives, producing guidelines for European clinicians, supporting and disseminating information from industry-independent multi-centre clinical research collaboration, developing joint documents with other major associations and/or international scientific societies, and other research activities.

The ERS may support the work of a Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC) in areas of respiratory medicine where a pan-European multi-centre network of principal investigators aims to advance science and clinical research within a specific disease area. An ERS CRC offers an umbrella for a network of researchers in a specific disease area, and may also integrate non-ERS members, representing different scientific disciplines which complement the network with multidisciplinary and multifunctional know-how and expertise.

Proposals for a CRC must be made by a group of members from one ERS assembly, or a group of ERS members from several assemblies.


An original application form should be sent to the attention of the Chair of the Science Council and the ERS scientific department ( After reviewing, the proposals (and the budget, if a financial request is made) will be considered at the next meeting of the Science Council. The CRC will be approved once the Executive Committee has endorsed the recommendations of the Science Council. The time taken for the approval procedure may vary, depending on the possible changes requested by the Science Council.

Annual Application Deadline: 15 October

Note that CRC coming to their 3-years cycle can re-apply using the same form. 

Rules and Application Form 2016 deadline

For the 1st deadline for application on October 15, 2013, seven proposals were submitted. Two were proposed for funding. The selected CRCs are:

  • International Collaboration to Improve Respiratory Health in Children (INCIRCLE)
  • European Multicentre Bronchiesctasis audit and Research Collaboration (EMBARC) - more information

For the 2nd deadline of application on 15 October 2014, three proposals were accepted for funding. The selected CRCs are:

  • The European Network for ICU-related respiratory infections (ENIRRIs)
  • Tuberculosis Network European Trialsgroup (TBNET)
  • European Sleep Apnoea Database (ESADA)

For the 3rd deadline of application on October 2015, five proposals were accepted for funding. The selected CRCs are:

  • The Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) Network
  • Enhancing participation of asthmatic children in therapeutic trials of new biologics and receptor blockers(SPACE -Severe Paediatric Asthma Collaborative in Europe)
  • ERS pan-European IPF registry and biobank (ARIANE-IPF)
  • RATIONAL-an ERS Research Network for Real Life Assessment of Targeted and Immunotherapies in Lung Cancer Care
  • The European Research Collaboration for Children's Interstitial Lung Disease (ChILDEU)


CRC Director 

The ERS Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC) Director is a member of the Science Council and works in close collaboration with the Science Council members and Chair. The Director is responsible of the following ERS main activities, with the help of ERS staff:

  1. Assessment of new CRC applications submitted to ERS.
  2. Monitor CRC conduct during funding period.
  3. Facilitate the progress of ongoing CRCs, aiming for long-term sustainability.
  4. Set-up a strategy to evaluate relevance of continuous ERS funding in research. Ensure the link between the CRC projects, new initiatives in research activities as well as report back to Science Council

Submit your application by 31 May 2016