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ERS Gold Medal in Asthma

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Applications for 2016 are extended until March 4, 2016. 

ERS presents this award to recognise excellence in the field of asthma research. The ERS Asthma Gold Medal grants € 50,000 to a researcher who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of Asthma and who is currently pursuing an active research project in asthma.

Researchers working in the fields of basic science, pathophysiology, epidemiology, prevention, clinical practice, diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation are all able to apply.

The award winner will be announced at the 2016 ERS International Congress in London (3-7 September 2016) during the Opening Ceremony.


The Grant is exclusively reserved for candidates who are 55 years of age or under at the time of the application deadline. There are no geographical restrictions on applicants.

People who have received an ERS Gold Medal previously, or any other ERS award or grant in the last three years, are not eligible to apply.

The selection of the successful candidate will be made by the ERS Science Council. The Medal’s applications are judged independently of the sponsor on the basis of scientific merit.

The Gold Medal funding must be used to support a research or training project in the field of asthma and will be partially given to the institution at which the project is ongoing.


(submit the completed form to the ERS Office by March 4, 2016 - NB: the deadline in the form is the original one 28 Feb. 2016)

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