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2014 ERS Awardees Gallery

In 2014, ERS Main Awards and Specific Grants were presented during the ERS Munich International Congress.


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Sadoul Lecture 2014 - The Sadoul Lecture is intended to honour senior scientists with a worldwide reputation. It commemorates the French scientist Paul Sadoul.
Professor Kian Fan Chung, of the Imperial College London, UK, presented a talk entitled “From molecules and cells to phenotypes: deciphering chronic airways disease”.

COPD Research Award 2014 - supported by Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr Milo Puhan's research focuses on measurements that characterise COPD patients, on the effects of COPD treatments, and on statistical models for predicting and monitoring chronic disease. Prof. Jorgen Vestbo (ERS President Elect) handed the certificate to Dr Puhan.


ERS Romain Pauwels Research Award 2014 - supported by GlaxoSmithKline. 

Prof. Christopher Brightling, who is a National Institute for Health Research Senior Investigator, a former Wellcome Senior Clinical Fellow, and an Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Institute for Lung Health, Leicester, United Kingdom. Prof. Brightling received the certificate from Mrs Romain Pauwels and Prof. Oliver Eickelberg (2014 Congress Chair).

 ERS Best Publication Maurizio Vignola Award for Innovation in Pneumology 2014 - Supported by the Chiesi Foundation

The 2014 awardees are:

Kristin Westphalen (Munich, Germany), who published a paper in Nature entitled “Sessile alveolar macrophages communicate with alveolar epithelium to modulate immunity”.

Klaus Bonnelykke (Copenhagen, Denmark), who published a paper in Nature Genetics entitled “A genome-wide association study identifies CDHR3 as a susceptibility locus for early childhood asthma with
severe exacerbations”.

They received the certificates from Paola Chiesi and Marisa Bonsignore (Head of Assembly 4).




ERS Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Award 2014 - Supported by InterMune.

Dr Melanie Königshoff is being awarded the ERS Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Award for her project on the cell-specific effects of canonical and non-canonical Wnt signalling in chronic lung disease.

Dr Königshoff received her certificate from Prof. Jürgen Behr (Congress co-Chair 2014).

ERS Award for Rare Pulmonary Disease 2014 - financially supported by GlaxoSmithKline

Matthias Griese’s project is entitled "Orphans Unite: chILD better together – European Management Platform for Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease”. Prof. Griese was introduced by Prof. Francesco Blasi (ERS Past-President).



 Lifetime Achievement Award in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 2014 - Supported by of Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

The 2014 Award in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is given to Marius M. Hoeper. Prof. Vonk Noordergraf (Chair of the Pulmonary Circulation Scientific Group) presented Prof. Hoeper award.

Sir John Vane Grant for Best Recent Publication in Pulmonary Vascular Research 2014 - Supported by United Therapeutics Europe Ltd

Jolyane Meloche is awarded the Sir John Vane Award for her paper, entitled “Role for DNA damage signaling in pulmonary arterial hypertension”, which was published in Circulation (2014 Feb 18;129(7):786-97). She received her award from both Heads of Assembly 4 (outgoing, Prof. Wilfried De Backer and incoming, Prof. Marisa Bonsignore).




ERS 2014 Assembly Lifetime Achievement Awards:

The ERS Science Council has chosen to honour Prof. Andrew Bush (Paediatrics Assembly) and Prof. Elisabeth Quoix (Thoracic Oncology Assembly) with the 2014 Assembly Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Prof. Bush was handed his certificate by Prof. Stephen T Holgate (ERS Science Council Chair).

Prof. Quoix was handed her certificate by Prof. Anne-Pascale Meert (Head of the Thoracic Oncology Assembly).

Best Abstract Competition - In each assembly, the best abstracts (including late-breaking abstracts) have been identified based on the outcome and results of the peer-review. Out of the 12, four shortlisted best abstracts were announced during the Young Scientists' Networking evening.

Sherif Gonem for his abstract 
“Phase 2A randomized placebo-controlled trial of the oral Prostaglandin D2 receptor (DP2/ CRTH2) antagonist QAW039 in oesinophilic asthma”

Bianca Mulder for her abstract “Antibiotic use among Dutch pregnant woman and the development of toddler asthma: the influence of cofounding”
Thomas Blauenfeldt for his abstract "An MRNA based IP-10 release assay for LTBI combining RT-QPCR and dried blood spots"

Deniz Ali Bölükbas for his abstract “MMP-9 responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles for local drug delivery to NSCLC cells”

shah bianca

blauenfeldt deniz

 Abstracts Grants


ERS COPD Travel Grants for Best Abstracts 2014
supported by Boehringer Ingelheim.
Nebal Abu Hussein (Liestal Switzerland)
James Allinson (London, United Kingdom)
Mikael Andersson (Uppsala, Sweden)
Hoeke Abele Baarsma (Munich, Germany)
Kylie Belchamber (London, United Kingdom)
Surya Bhatt (Birmingham, United States of America)
Amy Blakemore (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Sheetal Chaurasia (Pune, India)
Amy Day (London, United Kingdom)
Rainer Gloeckl (Schoenau am Koenigssee, Germany)
Abdul Kader Kheirallah (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
Matthew Maddocks (London, United Kingdom)
Andre Nyberg (Umea, Sweden)
Michael Seimetz (Giessen, Germany)
Ina Zivanovic (Braslovce, Slovenia)

ERS Grant for the Best Abstracts in Rehabilitation & Chronic Care
Motek Medica financially supports four grants of €1,250
(1st prize), €875 (2nd prize), and €500 (3rd , 4th prizes)*.
1.  Alda Marques
2. Claire Nolan
3. Neil Greening & Marlies Zwerink

* originally there were 5 recipients but as one of them did not show up, the Officers decided to share the fifth 375€ prize.

ERS Interventional Pulmonology Travel Grant
Olympus Europa Holding GmbH financially supports two prizes of €1,000.
Shigefumi Fukui(Suita, Japan)
Ales Rozman (Golnik, Slovenia)

ERS Grant for the Best Abstract in Noninvasive Ventilatory Support
Breas Medical financially supports one prize of €1,000.
Claudia Crimi (Catania, Italy)

ERS Excellence Grant in Clinical Physiology and Exercise
MGC Diagnostics financially supports one prize of €1,500.
Sherif Gonem (Ratby, United Kingdom)









ERS Travel Grant for Sleep Medicine


Weinmann financially support three prizes of €1000.
Sandra Chuang (Sydney, Australia)
Valentina Isetta (Barcelona, Spain)
Pavol Joppa (Kosice, Slovakia)

ERS Grant for the Best Abstract in Cystic Fibrosis

Forest Laboratories financially supports one prize of €1,000.

Emily DeBoer (Denver, United States of America)

ERS Grant for the Best Abstracts in Paediatric Respiratory Epidemiology
Abdi Ibrahim financially supports two prizes of €1,000.
Myrofora Goutaki (Bern, Switzerland)
Marie Wright (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

ERS Young Researcher Grant: Respiratory Infection AetiologicalDiagnosis
Thermo Fisher financially supports one prize of €1,500.
Flavia Greiffo (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

ERS Grant for the Best Abstract in Bronchiectasis
Bayer Pharma AG financially supports one prize of €1,500.
Felix C. Ringshausen (Hannover, Germany)

ERS Grant for the Best Abstract in Bacterial Pneumonia
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd. financially supports one prize of €1,500.
Nicole Oliveira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

ERS Tuberculosis Investigator Research Grant
AutoImmun Diagnostika financially supports one prize of €2,000. Philip Elks (Sheffield, United Kingdom) 

ERS Young Research Grant for the Best Abstract in Tuberculosis
Oxford Immunotec Ltd financially supports one prize of €1,500.
Alison Gill (Leeds, United Kingdom)

ERS Best Abstract Grant for Healthy Lungs for Life 2014
The Healthy Lungs For Life initiative (ELF) financially supports one prize of €2,000
Peter Moschovis (Brighton, United States of America)

ERS Travel Grant for APSR delegates
Hyeon Hui Kang (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Kenji Kobayashi (Tokyo, Japan)

ERS Travel Grant JRS delegates
Yoshihiro Kanemitsu (Kyoto, Japan)
Yusuke Kurita (Tokyo, Japan)