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27–28 October, 2016 (Odense, Denmark)



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      C. LAURSEN


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      These skills-based courses provide participants with an overview of the knowledge and skills required to perform thoracic ultrasound to diagnose and treat patients with lung diseases. The maximum number of participants for each course is 8.

      This course has been granted 9 CME credits by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). The number of credits that you will receive corresponds to your attendance during the course. Please note that you need to sign the register of attendance each day to ensure that you receive the CME credits.


      Pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, respiratory therapists, respiratory physicians, clinical researchers, radiologists, fellows and residents.

      Previous knowledge and experience of performing ultrasounds is not required for this course. The hands-on training will be based on the individual physician’s previous experience prior to the course, beginners as well as more experienced physicians are welcome to attend.


      Online modules
      Participants are asked to complete and successfully pass online modules before attending the practical course. These three online modules cover the basics of ultrasound, basics of lung ultrasound and advanced lung ultrasound. Each module includes theoretical slides, images, statistics, videos and self-assessment questions to facilitate learning. Participants will also be asked to complete a multiple-choice based pre and post test for each module. 80% correct answers are needed in order to pass the test. Please allow between 8-16 hours to complete the online materials.

      Participants will develop their practical skills by performing ultrasounds on healthy volunteers as well as patients. The practical training will be supplemented by short lectures as well as case demonstration at the bedside. At the end of the course, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of each participant will be assessed. They will perform an ultrasound examination on a patient which typically lasts 15-30 minutes. The course content and length are in line with the EFSUMB recommendations for the theoretical training in thoracic ultrasound (level 1 & 2).


      Following this course, participants will

      • have knowledge of basic ultrasound physics
      • have theoretical knowledge of thoracic ultrasound in accordance with EFSUMB requirements
      • be able to perform a focused thoracic ultrasound examination
      • be able to perform a diagnostic thoracic ultrasound examination

      The participant will gain knowledge about the different interventional techniques available, their indications and also how to cope with potential complications that may occur.

      ERS Members €1,000
      A person who is an ERS Member at the time of registration
      Non-ERS Members 1,100
      A person without an ERS-Membership at the time of registration


      Upon receipt of a written cancellation, a refund of fees minus €50 administrative fee will be applied up to 6 weeks before the course. After this date no refund will be made for cancellations.

      Please ensure that you have all necessary visa documents, if required for your trip. The ERS is not responsible for obtaining or financing your visa.



      Odense University Hospital
      Department of Respiratory Medicine & Emergency Medicine Department (FAM)
      Sdr. Boulevard 29
      5000 Odense C


      Cabinn Odense Hotel - Østre Stationsvej 7-9, 5000 Odense C
      Hotel Plaza - Østre Stationsvej 24, 5000 Odense C
      Hotel Ansgar - Østre Stationsvej 32, 5000 Odense C
      Hotel Windsor - Vindegade 45, 5000 Odense C
      Radisson Blu H.C. Anderson - Claus Bergsgade 7, 5000 Odense C

      Please note that the room charges are not included in the registration fee. The ERS cannot guarantee the rate nor the availability of the hotel rooms for the course, therefore please ensure that you make your hotel reservation as soon as possible.

      Department of Respiratory Medicine & Emergency Medicine Department (FAM)

      Odense University Hospital


    Nicolino Ambrosino

    Ext. Activities Director

    Professor Nicolino Ambrosino is currently Director of the Respiratory Unit at the Cardio-Thoracic Department, University Hospital of Pisa, as well as Director of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Weaning Center, and Scientific Director of Auxilium Vitae, Volterra.

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