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Challenges in Respiratory Medicine

how can we move from symptomatic management to a cure

1112 February 2016 (Jongny, Switzerland)

Seminar organisers:
Ben Marsland (Lausanne, CH), Sejal Saglani (London, UK)

This ERS Research Seminar will address four major themes requiring significant attention in the direction of the the current and next generation of respiratory clinicians and scientists.

  1. Balance: What is the right balance between research, publishing, industry and seeing patients?
  2. Barrier tissues: How important are barrier tissues such as the gut, skin and brain in respiratory diseases?
  3. Aging: When and how should we treat patients? How does age relate to their susceptibility and how can this be addressed?
  4. Disease chronicity: What are the common mechanisms underlying disease chronicity?

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This Seminar is supported and co-organised by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) framework: COST action BM1201.

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