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Lung Science Conference 2015

13 March - 15 March, 2015 (Estoril, Portugal)

"Lung infection and immunity"


The LSC scientific preliminary programme will be available soon.  

Sessions and topics

  • Commensal bacteria at mucosal surfaces in health and disease
  • Microbial sensing
  • The inflammasome at the forefront
  • Pathomechanisms of respiratory viral and bacterial infection
  • Myeloid cells in lung infection and inflammation
  • New therapeutic approaches
  • 2 Poster sessions and the Young Investigator Award session
How to get involved

Submit an abstract from end of August to 31 October, 2014 . Bursaries available to young investigators and/or postdoctoral fellows who submit outstanding abstracts. 

Register as of October 2014. 

Any questions? Please contact